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Lesson for October 14, 2018

Optional lesson: (Please fellowship with your local serving ones regarding whether it is suitable to give this lesson to the children in your locality/district based on current needs, family situations, etc.)
The truth about Halloween-lesson (English)
20171015-Halloween (Chinese)

Upcoming lesson for October 21, 2018 (can also be given Oct. 7, 2018 in place of Halloween lesson):
20181021 Relationships – Friends (1 of 4) PDF version
20181021 Relationships – Friends (1 of 4) WORD version

Lesson for September 16, 2018

Note: There was an error in the earlier version. The last application mistakenly mentioned “Abraham” when it should have been “Noah.” Please use this reposted lesson instead. 

This week’s lesson: 20180916 Human Relationships-Parents and Children 2 – Honoring Your Parents (corrected)

Upcoming lesson: 20180923 Relationships – Brothers and Sisters – Part 1 of 3